JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym LogJEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log

JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log



JEFIT helps you stay fit and get the most out of your gym workouts. Featuring data-driven training & easy workout logging mechanism. Combining with the largest exercise database and thousand of free full week workout routines, JEFIT has become the leader in gym training apps. JEFIT is your free personal trainer that helps you to build a stronger / leaner body.

JEFIT is the only workout app you need for your gym workouts. JEFIT is designed for all level of exercisers, from any gym beginners to professional bodybuilders and weightlifters, JEFIT can makes your training much more effective with exercise tracker. You can use the app without network access, then sync data to server once you have access to the Internet. This makes it easy for you access all your workout data from any device, even from your computer.

Here are a few main reasons why many gym goers pick JEFIT as their primary workout app:

• Easy to Use Workout Trainer.
- Smart past gym log loading: It preloads data based on your historical workout logs
- Auto-starts workout timer after each workout log is saved.
- Allow users to focus on actual workouts rather than spending time on configuring the app.
- Much quicker to save gym log with exercise tracker than using pen and paper.
- Ability to take quick notes while working out.

• Workout Timer.
- Ability to adjust rest time for for different exercise.
- Workout timer for interval training.
- Upcoming exercise reminder while rest between exercises (while workout timer is on).
- By timing your workout rest time, it will help you make each work out session more effective.

• Exercise Database
- One of the largest exercise apps with 1300+ exercises.
- HD exercise demonstration images and videos.
- Include all common gym exercises such as bench press, squat, deadlift, leg press, etc.
- Include different exercise types including weight lifting workouts, bodyweight workouts as well as olympic style workouts.
- Ability to create custom exercises.
- Instant exercise mode allows you to work out on the fly
- Individual exercise tracker with ability to set 1RM (1 Rep Maximum) goals.

• Workout planner with pre-built routines
- Downloadable 3500+ full week workout plans built by experts
- Easily customize your workout routines with set, rep and rest time variants.
- Support super-set to build circuit training routines.
- Ability to search routines categorized by difficulty and focused.
- Save gym log is easier in planned work out mode compare to instant work out mode.

• Body progress tracker
- Ability to track all body part stats progress.
- Ability to take body progress photos, easily to compare before / after photos.
- Weight tracker with body fat calculator.
- See if you are getting stronger or leaner by numbers.

• Powerful training analytics.
- Analyze your gym log with personalized reports.
- Training reports and workout logs break down by body parts progress.
- Optionally receive personal weekly or monthly training reports right in you email.
- Ability to learn from friends’ progress, training logs to improve your training.

• Workout logs in the Cloud and Local.
- Weight lifting data is synchronized to server safely and stores locally.
- All your training plans, weight lifting logs, gym logs and anything else is accessible to all your devices.
- Ability to save weight lifting logs in offline mode when there is no connection.

• Active workout community.
- Most active and supportive workout communities with million of gym goers, weightlifters
and bodybuilders.
- Quarterly workout contest will give you extra motivation to push your limit.
- Boost your motivation by working out with friends.
- Share your training progress and workout routines to get feedback, tips and encouragements from

Look no further! There no other workout apps can offer close to what we have. JEFIT is the only workout app you ever need for all your training needs.


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